Interior Bonsai TOKYO


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【Bonsai】Tadakatsu  本多忠勝    Pine with Jin (Wire)    B0007

Size   W22×H35×D20 (cm)
         W8.6×H13.7×D7.8 (in)
Weight    876g

It is a pine that beautifully expresses Jin (withered branches) and Shari(withered trunks). The Jin has branches and the Shari has a skeletonized part of the trunk, which expresses the strength of the vitality of the Jin, which lives steadily while decaying.
Matsuba is made entirely by hand, from the work of wrapping green tape around each wire. It is a very valuable work as a work of art because there is no craftsman who can do the same work.
(All handmade by skilled craftsperson)