What is Bonsai? 



"Bon“ is written ”盆" to denote a dish or thin container. 

"Sai" is written "栽" and represents a plant. 

Therefore, "Bonsai" means "a tree planted in a container."


Do you know "Interior Bonsai"?

Bonsai is a beautiful Japanese plant with a long history that people have enjoyed looking at. Yet, unlike other types of plants, it requires special care that is often not easy at home. 

However, with our “Interior Bonsai,” you will be able to enjoy bonsai without such care. 

"Interior Bonsai" is an artificial bonsai handmade by expert Japanese craftspeople employing the technique of "Takumi." It is an art form that mainly consists of paper, wire, and clay. Therefore, there is no need to water the plant. It is as authentic as it can be from the shape of the Bonsai tree to the skin of the trunk.

You can also consult us for custom-made bonsai with your design.

"Interior Bonsai" with a dignified and beautiful appearance is a luxurious piece that can be added to your interior design. It can be a special and meaningful gift as well.


                                           Interior Bonsai Staff

Our Vision 

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