What is Bonsai? 



"Bon“ is written ”盆" to denote a dish or thin container. 

"Sai" is written "栽" and represents a plant. 

"Bonsai" this means "a tree planted in a container."


Do you know "Interior Bonsai"?

"Interior Bonsai" is an artificial bonsai completely handmade by expert Japanese craftspeople using the technique of "Takumi". 

"Interior Bonsai" is an art that uses paper, wire, clay, etc. to create a bonsai model Not only the beauty of the tree shape, but also the skin of the trunk is just like the real thing.

Please do not water.  

Interior bonsai is a bonsai art that looks just like the real thing.
You can custom order bonsai with your favorite bonsai design.

"Interior Bonsai" that reproduces a dignified and beautiful appearance is attracting attention as a special gift and a dignified, luxury interior.


                                           Interior Bonsai Staff

Our Vision 

People all over the world can enjoy Interior Bonsai with Japanese history without any maintenance


 Our Mission

To disseminate on the skills of aging Japanese craftspeople to the world


Our concept

Creating employment for aging Japanese society


Company Info

Interior Bonsai Tokyo

USA Head Office

Chieko Egged USA Corp.
1050 Queen St. #100
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: 808-931-0709


JAPAN Branch

 1-7-8 # 5F 
Kugenuma Ishigami, Fujisawa, Kanagawa
Zip Code : 2510025
Phone : +81-70-1305-9490


電話番号 : 070-1305-9490